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Origo Film Group Zrt. (PLC)
Planning and preparing energy monitoring systems

Origo Film Group Zrt. (PLC)
Supporting energy-management

STRABAG Property and Facility Services Zrt. (PLC)
MOL NyRt. (PLC), Almásfüzitő Planning of heating

STRABAG Property and Facility Services Zrt. (PLC)
MOL NyRt. (PLC), Almásfüzitő, Komárom Technical counselling for energy-management

Fehrer Hungaria Járműipari Ltd
Energy audit, energy law operational diagnostics, energy-loss exploration

AMC Networks Central Europe
Building-energetics certification

National Directorate General for Disaster Recovery
Surveying basic energy-state

Eureka international tender
Building Profile

National Directorate General for Pension
Counselling on supply of natural gas energy (public procurement)

CPI - Airport City Building D
Planning aggregator, final construction drawings

Római Fürdő
Planning relaxation and recreational center

SAG Hungaria Ltd
ISO:50001 Construction of energy controls system

Budapest – Attila St
Building-energetics certification

Family House, Csepel – József Attila St (Budapest)
Building-engineering, final construction drawing

Bardusch Bértextília Ltd

National Courthouse Office
VRF planning of heat-pump system