Most people who collect unemployment are out of work, but partial unemployment benefits allow those who are still working to claim aid as well. The only exceptions to this rule are if you were in the military or worked for the federal government. To find out your state's rules for partial unemployment benefits, contact your state's unemployment agency. Such claims are filed by the employers for employees who do not work full-time during the pay period owing to lack of work or by the employees themselves. We use SecureAccesss Washington to protect your personal information SecureAccess Washington allows Internet access to multiple government services using a single username and password. If you recently lost your job or you want to hire someone part-time, it's important to know how this program works. Each state runs its own unemployment benefit program, so … One-fifth of his weekly benefit amount is $90. Eligibility for Partial Unemployment Benefits. Whether you worked enough hours in your base year: You must have worked at least 680 hours in your base year. To file an unemployment claim, you must file your claim with one of the state(s) where you worked in the last two years. Accessing unemployment benefits, which provide a partial wage replacement, to address these situations is not the first choice but it is a last resort that is available for many. The rules around partial unemployment are especially important right now. Partial Employment or SharedWork: Under certain circumstances, you may work part-time while collecting unemployment benefits. Partial unemployment is a viable option for those who still have a job, but are not earning more than they would on unemployment benefits. At least some wages must have been earned in Washington, unless you recently left the military and are currently located in Washington state. We have three cooks including myself who have been splitting the hours, one of them is salary and the other is claiming partial unemployment as well. What if my employer goes out of business as a result of COVID-19? 5224 Olympic Drive Suite 110 Gig Harbor, WA 98335 Phone: 253-858-6601 Fax: 253-858-6603 Washington: (Maximum benefits of $637 a week) If you work part-time, we reduce your partial unemployment benefits using the earnings deduction chart (gross earnings minus $5 times 75 percent). Example: you may have created a SAW account to pay your LNI premium or unemployment insurance taxes. I help run a kitchen in Washington State where we are still open for take-out and delivery with severely reduced hours. Partial unemployment benefits operate in a similar way. These benefits are designed primarily for workers whose hours have been cut or who have been forced to take a part-time job due to a lack of work. You may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you’re out of work due to a lack of work. If Bob is eligible for partial unemployment benefits, he could expect to receive a weekly check of $240: $450 minus $210. Partial unemployment benefits are available to both unemployed and part-time employees. In addition to normal unemployment payments, which average between $215 and $550 a week depending on your state, there’s an additional $600 a week in money from the federal government on the line. 2. Partial unemployment insurance programs are meant for full time employees who fail to work the stipulated full-time due to lack of work. You cannot file a Washington state unemployment claim if you did not work in Washington during the base year. I claimed partial unemployment after we first restricted dine-in a week ago. To determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits we examine: 1.