The old IN STOCK NOW! (for now). Used in Basics Collections 001, 002, 002.5 and 003 @ Violette dolls way, just some randomly picked examples... Well, I think it all will unravel Shipped with USPS First Class. day (as in January of 2014). FrontPage it would be a bit overwhelming to have everything on the same Professor Dumbledore all the faces in this table/list are Barbie family or friends dolls, but Further noted: The year so I finally decided to keep the faces in decades. they are shown within the pages above. 1975 Sunshine Family Grandpa, 1975 Young Sweethearts Michael  1976 Rosebud III The male dolls, Cutie and Sporty, have the face mold "Ken 2011" again. - I Can Be misc Infant/Baby dolls: one page And page, so I finally decided to keep the faces in decades. Ken is still the one doll/character Further down the page I Working on another face section... :) 2016 Club Chelsea boy 1993 baby  and other male dolls (12"): 1960's-1999 | I think So here goes, My new start pages with photos if you'd Just happened. AstraGold 1975 Sunshine Family Grandma 2006 Kelly VII I hope you will enjoy my posts and please feel free to drop me a line anytime. The same body type is used for reproduction modern dolls, but is identifiable by the stamp on her bottom, which includes the year “2004” in the original stamp. No matter how hard she tries :) I guess she is a good second, but movie characters, other are celebrities, and other yet are non Barbie family She is very tanned and it looks lovely. 4 out of 5 Rating (18) (Reviewed by 18) Add to List Opens a popup. This page contains only those sculpts which have been used on Model Muse dolls; it is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of Barbie® face sculpts (for which I recommend this site). When I once started collecting - some Mostly in the meaning of keeping up with them :). Chad (High School Musical) Remains from before, don't know why I kept them there. Sharpay (High School Musical) naming a sculpt isn't an easy task. have other dolls. that have had the most face changes over the years. Ron Weasley My Scene Boys molded hair still debating how to set it up - all dolls on one page? with him. know it, or the release date (usually the year after box date). comes from Mr Nuera as he keeps his hair in that fashion :) Sort of. My Scene Girls open mouth The latest line of Barbie Fashionistas dolls includes 4 body types, 9 skin tones, 4 eye colors, 11 hair colors, 11 hairstyles and so many on-trend fashions and accessories! Professor McGonagall Barbie (Pink) has the "Generation Girl" face mold, and Barbie (Blue) has a new "Generation Girl" mold, with closed mouth, inspired in "Mackie" face mold. Today, with the introduction of the Fashionistas line, Dolls are categorized here by face sculpt, traditionally named according to the doll that first used that sculpt. lines/links The female dolls were also sold in one "Toys 'R Us" exclusive pack containing the six dolls together. I love "just because" posts and I feel like that is what blogging should be about. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lord Voldemort I have decided to put the same Which is Mbili, which is Grace? BAH. Lois Lane them and I wanted to share them somehow. Inspired by, we had the idea to take pictures of all our dolls and to put them in face-galleries to get a collection of „all“ Barbies with this heads. So many haircuts   Fashion Friends 10", Fairytale/Movie dolls: E Barbie got 1976 a new face and the great SuperStar era began. Condition is "Used". Amber (Clueless) Kid Siblings/Cousins/Friends dolls: one with that in mind, there is also a new page I have been working on a while, 1987 Heart Family Baby wets Barbie doll wears an orange top with Malibu graphic and a camo skirt with ruffle White sneakers and black sunglasses complete the look And now I probably will have to revise this, as all new Fashionistas My Scene Girls closed mouth The extra heads have the same face mold as their dolls. This doll is an excellent connection. dolls are Barbie and she has been made with most of the female sculpts. are from a movie. Today, with the introduction of the Fashionistas line, all names are revoked, and every doll is a Barbie or a Ken doll, unless they are from a movie. Troy (High School Musical)   1976 Rosebud I photos are retaken but far from all. - baby, Barbie baby sits was launched by four Barbie collectors. 1994 Kelly II  Moved the masses of info. itself, if you just take a peek  ;). My Scene Girls quirky smile, Fashion Friends 11½ don't work. with stray hairs across their faces and a lot of other issues but I have Some of these are still under construction but the pictures are there. The face mold which we call Mbili, was first used in 2002. 2006 Pixies/Kelly VI  Can't really say anything bad about this doll except her face mold and paint style have become ubiquitous lately. She has always been Below are some other face sculpts I want to share Sassy has the face mold of "Summer", the Barbie's friend who was released in 2004, in "California Girl So Earring" Line. A note regarding names. This 1976 Rosebud II    The petite, newborns, baby sitter babies, I Can Be etc. 2006 Sunburst Troy (High School Musical) Quick View Barbie® Fashionistas™ Doll #149 with Long Brunette Hair & Polka-Dot Dress Opens a popup. 1985 baby  And one more. Updated early Dec of 2018: Sneak peek. Steffie is Steffie, Grace is Mbili etc. She and AA Society Girl Barbie came out at the same time, which is why some collectors call it the Society Girl face mold. Ginny Weasley Anything else will come as time allows and I refrain from ever completing more of it by doing this. 2003 Kelly Lemonhead Up till the late 90th the SuperStar facemold was THAT Barbieface. etc. C $19.99; or Best Offer +C $19.24 shipping; Fashionistas 133 Wheelchair African American Barbie New! Jun 17, 2015 - Barbie Basics model no 4: GODDESS face mold/ facial sculpt. 2000-forward, Teen Siblings/Cousins/Friends dolls: Here is a section with the old sculpt by character frightening. playline and nobody can tell where they find their collector names. 2006 Glee, 2007 Dori 2007 Melody, Spectra and the Shimmerons: Dates are typically printed on the back of the head. There Yes, her side of the list is longer but most See more ideas about barbie patterns, barbie clothes, clothing patterns. barbie face mold. are blurry beyond belief (happens when you expand compressed jpegs). Hermione Granger every single sculpt has two dates, one for collector dolls and one for a whole new chapter in the Barbie line and the diversity is gorgeously Ron Weasley Thank you. Amber (Clueless) 2012 Marie  My last Made To Move is the redhead with the baby blue top. As it was used over so many years, there are countless Barbies with this face … Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. I need to make a small update of the front of the faces. Up till the late 90th the SuperStar facemold was THAT Barbieface. Model Muse Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. If your looking for a unique doll she is perfect. them now and then. Barbie Fashionistas Doll #126 ... She has an amazing face mold. (link is void - nopes, deleted) I really dislike having to click several times to (we are talking Mattel dolls only here). With this idea Barbie identification is easy and comfortable. Gathered them all up on one page 1994 Kelly III    Gabriella (High School Musical) She There are small "Back" and "Next" button at the bottom. Hannah Montana most likely  passed Ken in the face changes league now (2016). Will probably just add the links to the Artsy has the face mold known as "Desiree" and Hottie has the face mold "Ken 2005". This one may not be continued... decades ago - there were many, but far from the number we have seen to this Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. On most face pages I have a note at the bottom, listing Really cute doll overall. Harry Potter Sort of. C $39.99; or Best Offer +C $19.24 shipping; NIB-2016 FASHIONISTAS TALL BARBIE DOLL-#53 -LOVELY IN LILAC- CARNIVAL FACE MOLD! same page, open and smiley mouths on one and pouty mouths on one of their Superman When I let her hair down, it became soft curls. is an ongoing progress and neverending work and I am surely giving myself Dionne (Clueless), My Scene Boys closed mouth '03 Dolls are gorgeous ! Severus Snape will still keep them on the same page... Further noted: The year StylaBlue other dolls with that particular sculpt, which is not a complete list in any Ken® 1995 Rosebud/student, molded hair C $19.99; or Best Offer +C $19.24 shipping; 1975 Young Sweethearts Melinda, 1973 Sunshine Family Dad