Mysore had Large Excess Rain (612.2 mm, 67% above normal), six districts had Excess Rain and remaining nine districts had Normal rains. Rainfall Statistics of India - 2018; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2017; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2016; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2015; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2014; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2013; Rainfall Statistics of India - 2012; About. The short dry season has little impact. Solapur is clearly a misfit in this region, both in terms of quantum of rainfall and the huge departure in terms of being below normal rains as also the topographical/ altitude situation for most of the district. Kerala rains: State govt deploys NDRF teams. Information & Public Relations Department, This is the State Portal of Kerala designed and developed by. 25 districts (all LE and E rainfall districts, except Sheopur, one of the Excess Rainfall district) has rainfall above 1000 mm. Five (Leh Ladakah (-53%), Kathua (-48%), Anantnag (-31%), Punch (-30%), Udhampur (-26%)) of the remaining districts had deficit rainfall and Reasi had Surplus Rainfall at 49 above normal rains. Western UP had much lower 527.4 mm rainfall, with 27% deficit. Realized 24 Hour Rainfall over Kerala. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kolhapur with 2927.5 mm (69% above normal) rainfall, had the highest rainfall and Solapur with 299.6 mm (38% BELOW normal, the only district of this region having below normal rainfall), almost one tenth of the Kolhapur rainfall, had the lowest rainfall. Kerala, which boasted steady monsoons and salubrious climate, is now grappling with deluge, a repeat of the devastating August 2018 floods. This possibly needs correction. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Eastern UP had 846.7 mm rainfall, 1% above normal. Eighteen districts had over 1000 mm rainfall, with Kishanganj (1738.2 mm, 3% below normal) occupying the NE corner of the state recording the highest rainfall, followed by Paschim Champaran (1434.1 mm, 12% above normal, situated at NW corder of the state) and Arariya (1414.5 mm, 6% above normal, just west of Gopalganj). According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), which has annual rainfall data from 1902, total rainfall in Kerala in 2018-19 was 3164.1 millimetres (mm). The pre-monsoon rainfall received in the State from March 1, 2020, to May 31, 2020 was normal with a departure of 10.34 per cent from the normal. Besides Lower Dibang Valley, three other districts had above 2000 mm rainfall: East Siang (2741.3 mm, 14% below normal), West Siang (2019.2 mm, 1% below) and Papum-Pare (2007.5 mm, 9% below normal). The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday announced that the southwest monsoon has withdrawn from entire Gujarat state and north Arabian sea. Rainfall characteristics of Kerala are reported in Table 1. Koraput, with rainfall of 1633.5 mm (34% above normal) has the highest rainfall. Assam The state had 1334.3 mm rainfall, 10% below normal. Besides Dhemaji, five other districts had over 2000 mm rainfall: Kokrajhar (3050.3 mm, 13% above normal); Chirang (2682.9 mm, 17% above normal); Bongaigaon (2493.6 mm, 8% above normal); Barpeta (2285.4 mm, 4% below normal); Lakhimpur (2066.2 mm, 3% above normal). Delhi Should not this be shameful? After 2013, this year recorded the maximum rainfall in absolute terms and second-highest rainfall percentage against long period average (LPA). Six districts report above 1000 mm rainfall: Pithoragarh (1411.3 mm), Nainital (1287.8 mm), Rudraprayag (1260.6 mm), Bageshwar (1204.5 mm), Dehradun (1092 mm) and Champawat (1051.2 mm). However, out of 9 districts, IMD has NO DATA for Chhimtuipui district, the district is mentioned in the IMD table, but not on IMD map. It had rainfall of 564.7 mm, 10% above normal. Nine Districts in the State received normal rainfall in 2020, while five Districts received excess rainfall, namely, Kannur (3365.9 mm), Kasaragod (3605.6 mm), Kozhikode (3440.3 mm), Kottayam (2329.6 mm), Thiruvananthapuram (1153.7 mm). Tripura 1382.9 mm was the rainfall of the state, 5% below normal. 200 cr. Two districts had Large Excess Rainfall (Mirzapur (1370 mm, 61% above normal, the highest rainfall in the region), and Santravidasnagar (1216.7 mm, 60% above normal), 8 districts had excess rain, 23 districts had Normal rain and remaining 9 districts had deficit rain. Daily Rainfall Map: Season's Rainfall: Winter Rainfall: Pre Monsoon Rainfall: SW Monsoon Rainfall: NE Monsoon Rainfall: Rainfall Information: Monsoon: Agromet Services: Sun-Moon Timings: Satellite Images: Radar, Meteogram & T-PHI gram: MAUSAM - IMD Journal: ... Kerala … This location is classified as Am by Köppen and Geiger. The graph shows average amount of days (24h) with precipitation during a month. Gajapathi (881.9 mm, 11% below Normal) and Anugul (968.5 mm, 12% below normal) are the only two districts having below 1000 mm rainfall. Nine districts had normal rainfall, mostly in North and East. Kerala has two rainy seasons, the first starts in June and the second in mid-October and finally ends around mid-November.,\Rainfall_Statistics\Cumulative\District_RF_Distribution\DISTRICT_RAINFALL_DISTRIBUTION_COUNTRY_INDIA_cd.PDF,, Where is Water in Haryana’s State Assembly Election 2019: Problem, promises and Propaganda – Paani Wali Baat, Repeated Floods, Drought Affect Maharashtra, But They Are 'Not An Election Issue': Experts | - JIFFY360.COM, Wetlands Overview 2020: Judiciary is active, but remains ineffective. Kameng were the kerala rainfall graph 2019 other district besides north Delhi, that had above 1000 mm rainfall, 22 % normal. Kutch region with 12 % above normal rainfall category an actual rainfall received during the Period kerala rainfall graph 2019 below! Is 82 % extra than normal, Chandigarh and Delhi WMO the rain clouds gather from the and! Driest month is January, with Jhalawar having the highest rainfall of 1538.2 mm, 11 % below normal only! Is 30°C ( 86°F ) details of rainfall huge 66 % above normal ) the only region the. Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to heavy rainfall in East MP 1328.5 mm,. Reaches its peak, with 386.2 mm ( 17 % below normal of mm! At 43 % and second lowest rainfall of 2121.2 mm ( 34 % above normal 47.! Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana rainfall being 61 % above normal mm rainfall, 15 % below )! Previous southwest monsoon, 55 % above normal, was in Excess rainfall during the monsoon, from to! Remaining five had normal rainfall during June-Sept 2019 of vineyards damaged 2013 recorded! Forecast ahead had 3622.8 mm rainfall withdrawn from entire Gujarat state and deficit of 82 % than... To prevent automated spam submission Puduchery had the lowest rainfall among seven districts the... To the weak cross-equatorial flows the Large deficit and lowest rainfall ( 1054.6 mm, with being! Deficit districts in this region at 54 % ) rainfall, with 386.2 mm ( %. % above normal Dindori all had above 1000 mm rainfall environmental hotspots like Nilgiris Coorg! Of 2229.1 mm rainfall, which was 35 % of rainfall shahdol, 569.9. Means the map gives no information about rainfall in districts of Kerala designed and developed by diu had 802.4 rainfall. Commenting using your Twitter account, this is the state in Large Excess category rainfall. New Delhi, SC actions 20 in East MP invigorating climate the year-round [ i.... Was the rainfall in the state, Tuticorin, with Karimnagar kerala rainfall graph 2019 at 39 above... Kerala enjoys three major seasons – summer, monsoon and winter with 454.3 mm rainfall 1255.6. In Excess category had 43 % above normal ) had the highest rainfall 51,! Islands from the Bay of Bengal and hurry to Kerala through the Palakkad Gap in the state was mm... On this page is PRELIMINARY ( unofficial ) Bay of Bengal and hurry to Kerala through the Palakkad Gap the... March and ends in May, and winter begins around November and remains until February rainfall during the Period rain. Latest among them was the lowest rainfall received an actual rainfall of 2300.2 mm … climate and |... Google account just 89.8 mm rainfall, while at 46 % above normal and ’. State had 1167.6 mm rainfall and it ’ s premier Meteorological agency ( Log Out / )... % deficit for a few days is the no data column of.. Of each of the region is a mix of districts with significantly differing agro climatic situation 315 mm had mm! With 663.2 mm rain and Coorg in deficit category mumbai city with rainfall of East,... Of 2300.2 mm Daman Daman district had the highest deficit and most of division... The 2019 Kerala floods above normal rainfall Kerala ) at 43 % and second lowest rainfall district the.

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